Invoking Your Inner Magic 8-Ball

Magic 8_Ball

I’ve often thought it would be pretty neat to have a life coach.  My very own personal motivator to help me uncover the answers, empower me to be my best, and stop me from making spontaneous, careless decisions.  Alas, after rounding up some data on life coaches in my area, I discovered I’m not yet ready to commit to the asking price. 

However, not one to be easily deterred, I decided to practice being my own life coach for a few hours.  As time passed, I realized my internal replies sounded eerily like the Magic 8-Ball from childhood.  It went something like this:

Me:                                           Hmmm.  That cookie looks nice.  Shall I have one?

Inner Magic 8-Ball:           My sources say no.

Me:                                           But I’ve been good all day.  One wouldn’t really be so bad.

Inner Magic 8-Ball:           Outlook not so good.

Me:                                           I can have one and skip dinner.

Inner Magic 8-Ball:           Don’t count on it.

Worked like a charm, really.  But seriously, all jokes aside, creating and sustaining an inner dialogue with yourself is a great step in becoming your own life coach.  That is, observe your choices and decisions as if you were your own mentor. If you have a certain goal in life, ask your inner mentor how that might be attained.

With regard to awareness, the mere act of invoking your inner mentor is, by all accounts, raising your consciousness to a greater level.  It’s the epitome of being united mind, body and spirit. It’s discovering that within you is a wealth of answers waiting to be found and it can offer more riches than you ever dreamed possible.  If it helps, you can call it your Inner Magic 8-Ball.  It’s just more fun that way.

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