Why Numbers Don’t Matter


Before I begin, let me explain that I’m not referring to the concept of Numerology (although elements of it could be touched on here).  What the above title means is that the number of hits on your blog is not the most important factor of your success.

I focus on blogging because, well, that’s what has led you to read this post.

Whether your goal is to make money from your blog or reach out to people (or both), there are two things that matter more than numbers…passion and relationships.

Let’s think of these two concepts and how they are interrelated.  Imagine two bloggers.  Blogger One goes into the job with a bottom line profit in mind.  They want to get rich quick.  They put in a lot of time and energy to drum up numbers in the form of clicks, likes, and emails subscribers.  Blogger Two puts in the same amount of time and energy, but they are more concerned with interacting with their followers, caring about the content of their posts, and whether their newsletters are helpful to their subscribers.

Blogger One, after a few months (or even a few weeks) has a following of 10,000 people, based on eye-catching graphic designs and cool videos.  They post numerous blogs every day to drive traffic.  They go on to start a marketing campaign based on the number of followers and their ever-increasing email list.  They form bonds with the people who buy, and the rest are left in the dust.  After a few days, weeks, or months, they give up on their blog because it didn’t produce the cash they wanted.  They move on to something else.

Blogger Two has a humble following of maybe 500.  They post blogs every couple of days after very thoughtful reflection.  After a while, they finish an eBook they’ve been working on and decide to place their eBook for sale on their site.  They might advertise to their followers, but make sure to elaborate on how it might be beneficial to the reader, and offer some free gifts as a bonus.  Blogger Two cares about all of their followers, not just the ones who buy.

After a year or more, Blogger Two is still on the scene, catering to their small yet growing community and goes on to make it big based on their passion and ability to help other people.  They have an undying passion for their purpose.  They know that planting the seed will reap long-term benefits for their future.  (On that note, allow me to give a shout-out to Jenniferhelps, who’s a perfect example of “Blogger Two”, because she cares about her followers).

As you can see, passion and relationships are essential for success in the blogging and marketing world.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many people who go into blogging/marketing that will become successful, regardless of their motives.  But ultimately, we are here on this earth to help and love one another…and if we enjoy success along the way, it only enhances our purpose because it allows us to reach out to even more people.  

If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it. ~ Tennessee Williams

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  2. joedalio

    Kimberly, This has to be one of the most helpful posts I’ve seen on this site. When I first started, I admit I was blogger number 1. However, I soon realized why I was here in the first place…to positively impact people and help bring their lives to a higher level. Yes, I do want to use this as a marketing platform as well, but I will say that since my attitude changed, I feel more satisfied with my results, regardless if the numbers aren’t where I want them yet. Most importantly, I have made some priceless friendships through this site. Thank you for this wonderful reminder : )

    1. Kimberly Raya

      Joe, thank you so much for your priceless comment.

      When I first started my blog, I was also a little obsessed about numbers. Then, I realized…if I do what it takes to pump up my numbers, it would be through mostly artificial means. Of course, each case is different for everyone. But for me, I learned that my real motivation isn’t numbers. The whole reason I started my blog was to be able to reach out to people…or even one person, and have a positive impact on their life (much like you). I want each one of my blogs to be built on a meaningful foundation.

      There is nothing wrong with us using our blogs as a marketing platform, especially if we are bringing value to other people. In fact, thank you for commenting, because it’s given me a chance to take a second look at your blog! You have talent. Your content is exactly the kind of “stuff” I look for when searching for guidance…bookmarking now 🙂

      1. joedalio

        Kimberly…thank you for the compliment! We definitely seem to be on the same page with the same mission. I am sure you are impacting many in a positive way : )

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