Just Do Something…

You won’t get it right the first time.

You will have to learn as you go.

You will make tons of mistakes.

You will feel like an idiot when you reflect on your thought process 15 years later.

That’s okay.

15 years later, you won’t regret stupidity.. but you sure-as-hell will regret inaction.

Just do something…


This post was written by Rohan Rajiv, Associate Consultant at a-connect

‘Every day I get better’ believer; Learning, self improvement and Audible geek; Rice, yoghurt and football lover; Manchester United fan; Friends and family man…


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  1. jenniferhelps

    More good advice, although I seldom make mistakes, and never feel like an idiot.

      1. jenniferhelps

        I know, but part of it is making certain choices, such as choosing to exert myself, choosing to live a healthy lifestyle, choosing not to squeeze out babies, choosing not to take crap from anyone, choosing to skip watching silly TV, news, and sports. Choosing not to drink, smoke, or drug.

        Many people make the wrong choices, but then they blame the world for their problems.

        It is always refreshing to see your awesome posts, and to see all the progress you are making!


        1. Kimberly Raya

          You’re right…we DO have choices. The most important one being not to live in the past. A lot of people are stuck in a moment, not realizing it’s in their power to just let it go…

          Thanks for your comments and your motivation!

          1. jenniferhelps

            Forgetting the past is important, because “Who YOU are, and what You’re about” is NOT defined by things you said and did years ago! This also includes “mistakes” you may have made, years ago.

            Hopefully the mistakes taught us lessons, and hopefully we learned from them, but those ancient history bloopers in our lives, do NOT categorize us today! Am I right?

          2. jenniferhelps

            Brilliant, Beautiful Minds Think Alike!
            We’re not too shabby on the “outside” either!

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