Friday Poetic Pondering

Passion’s Prize

Through the ages, there’s been no end of paramours,

Temptresses, seductresses, and lovers all,

Many too many to mention,

Granted each their individual moment in history,

And noted in passing by their adoring men.


But the truly glorious women –

Sensual, sexual, sexy, unique,

Well possessed of uncommon beauty and intellect,

Able to change their world just by being in it,

Such women have always been rare.


The face that launce a thousand ships”,

So they sang of Helen of Troy,

Theseus stole her, Paris died for her,

Agamemnon won her,

And the Greeks sailed home victorious.


Cleopatra ruled Egypt, taunted Rome,

This dark queen of the Nile

Seduced Caesar, bedded Marc Antony

Swayed the fate of nations

She chose an adder’s poison over domination.


Joan of Arc: more legend than life?

Did she love as she fought, or

did she deny all pleasure

for her passion – la France?

She burned.


And Mona Lisa – her smile, mysterious and faint

as from a secret shared with Leonardo alone,

has moved kings and pirates to possess her.

Today she lives yet, immune to time,

worshipped by millions.


And you, exquisite one, do you see yourself

here among these ageless jewels

and the few others like them?  Are they your sisters?

Where will you go, what will you do,

what will you become, Passion’s Prize?

~ Anonymous

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