At Any Given Moment…

At any given moment, you can…

  • Block them from your cell phone and email
  • Unfriend them on Facebook
  • Stop reacting to their verbal and emotional abuse
  • Realize your life will never change unless you do
  • Make the choice to take your power back
  • Recognize you aren’t all those things they said
  • See yourself the way other people see you, not him/her
  • Get your own apartment
  • Reunite with and heal your inner child
  • Find peace, joy, and happiness
  • Change the locks on your doors
  • Pick up a pen and a blank sheet of paper
  • Determine that you will decide how this story is going to end…

Your healed life starts with one step...

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  1. Carlita

    So happy I stumbled upon this page. My soon to be ex husband is a master manipulator but I am so hooked he knows how to hook me in. We have a 3 year old daughter and I always fear he will one day give her the silent treatment. He is constantly trying to tell
    Me he loves me wants me back and for us to have another child but as soon as I try and stand for myself he is back at it calling me names and smear campaigns. It’s exhausting but I am trying the no contact rule. I realize that he actually is having fun going out with friends he discarded for two years but now took them back. It’s sick and twisted but he calls himself the king. I feel like the bad one sometimes because he’s completing alienated me from me.

  2. barbarafranken

    The power is in the now moment, choosing to respond to life… great post kim… Barbara

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