The Strength of the Human Spirit

The Universe is an efficient creation:  matter becomes energy, energy becomes matter, one form of energy is converted into another form; the balance is forever changing, but the Universe is a closed system from which no particle of matter or wave of energy is ever lost.  Nature not only loathes it but forbids it. 

The human mind and spirit, at their noblest, can transform the material world for the better; we can even transform the human condition, lifting ourselves from a state of primal fear, when we dwelled in caves and shuddered at the sight of the moon, to a position from which we can contemplate eternity and hope to understand the works of God.  Light cannot change itself into stone by an act of will, and stone cannot build itself into temples.  Only the human spirit can act with volition and consciously change itself; it is the only thing in all creation that is not entirely at the mercy of forces outside of itself, and it is, therefore, the most powerful and valuable form of energy in the Universe. 

For a time, the spirit may become flesh, but when that phase of its existence is at an end, it will be transformed into disembodied spirit once more.

We are all a shining light, all but blinding in our own brightness.

~ Dean Koontz, Sole Survivor

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  1. silkred

    hello Kim – This speaks to me deeply – right now in this moment I feel transformed – my contact with the social narc’ and the destructive maelstrom that followed in his wake is over – no contact did it – it gave me space and let me heal.

    Within those moments I found my compassionate self once more and through this and the support of talking therapy and SSRI anti depressants I constructed for myself a sort of pathway along which I have stepped ever since.. dealing with and coping with a kind of realignment of virtually every aspect of my engagement with the external world…

    All this is underpinned by a genuine rediscovery of what I feel to be my authentic self – I feel that I would not have found him had I not been beaten down by narcissitic/sociopathic abuse – abuse that saw me come within moments – a single decision away from suicide… from that rock bottom place I came to climb back to health and my now reality…

    the surprising thing that came of the social narc’ and the learning I went through to understand the mechanisms behind being ostracized by otherwise cognisant intelligent human beings was the light it shone on my marriage – I came to realise that in all these years I had suffered a kind of low level covert sociopathic abuse at home – so many things fell into place – our social isolation – my feeling to be constantly walking on egg shells – the notion that I was wrong – the coping mechanism of driving myself away into a secret hidden place – it became deeply shocking to find that I was able to see this as abuse for the first time in 20 years…

    via the help of the SSRI drugs and the talking therapy and a woman I met who I have come to love deeply I was able to extract myself from my home life – seek divorce and move away – right now my wife is hitting out with acts of childish aggression – being disingenuous with her statements of the value of her assets while we seek a financial settlement – playing with my belongings by hiding them and placing them out of reach – most upsettingly she is sullying the space between me and my son’s such that its hard if not impossible to speak with them but while she does this she is in effect than strongly underlining my now understanding that she is and was and will always be a sociopathic abuser.

    I come to find now in this moment while I am free in my flat with a partner who is happy with herself and her life and me – while I feel the world help me by aligning in a resonant way with my needs – while I feel inside the almost euphoric transformation towards health and further not just home but a separate but connected resolution of the previous social damage – I come to a place where I am deeply thankful to the original social narcissist – his abuse in a way has transformed my life for the good in a way no one could ever have predicted, I was coping by driving myself deeper into secret hidden living – finding solace in kindness but not being at all able to see or understand why I was there in that dark place alone…

    The strength of the human spirit courses through me in such a beautiful way I am and will always be eternally thankful to every single helpful person or place, this in particular includes you Kim and this site and everyone who writes to it – I am so grateful you were here when I needed you most – grateful too that when I look ahead my life is so full of sunshine once more… full of promise… full of love…

    I wish the same for everyone…. those things that are hard are also good somehow – they are good in the sense that they challenge you to be better.

    1. Kim Saeed

      It’s good to see you here, silkred.

      Wow, you’ve gone through a lot of changes since you first starting following LMR. I can see you have indeed gone through a transformation because you indicated you are glad for the experience because of how you and your life have changed as a result of it.

      Your comment has truly touched me and I am very happy for your transformation, healing, and awakening. Thank you for your very kind praise and your words of encouragement to other readers. You are a shining beacon of hope <3

  2. Christina

    ahhhh that picture is so prettyyyy…

    Now I want to read Dean Koontz. Seems like an interesting read.

    1. Kim Saeed

      Awww, thanks! Well, he did write those beautiful words, but the book itself might be a little much for you. He writes fiction, which is mostly science fiction, supernatural (spirits, evil and otherwise). I love Dean Koontz, but I thought I should tell you about his genre, just in case 🙂

      1. Christina

        Aw thanks for the consideration! I actually like reading things like that because I like to understand others’ belief systems and ideas. Some of what I find are that there are some commonalities with my own, even if they are “unstructured.”

        Love and peace to you, dear Kim!

    1. Kim Saeed

      Thank you…this is straight from Dean Koontz’s book, Sole Survivor. I love his personality and writing style. He always speaks to the human condition and the soul in his books, though they are considered “supernatural”. He always has little gems of humanity in his writing for those who want to recognize it 🙂

      1. Michaela Wiley

        Thank you I’ll have to check it out, sounds like a really great read!! It feels so good when you find those books or quotes or people that help inspire you!!

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