If you follow my blog, allow me to introduce David over at Grace for my Heart. Every Friday he posts articles related to Narcissism. His articles are always encouraging, reassuring…and timely.

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  1. Andi

    My ex (after a 35 year marriage) has not been a part of our children’s lives since he walked out for another woman 2 years ago (all MY fault of course!). When you talk about how selfish these people are, it truly showed recently. Our son was married on Saturday, our son refused to invite his father due to many circumstances prior to my ex leaving. Of course people started posting pictures of my son’s wedding on facebook (some relatives are mutual friends on this site since we share a niece and nephew as my brother married his sister, they are also divorced now). Obviously, my ex saw these postings and was feeling left out as he decided to chance his relationship status on his facebook page to “in a relationship” and commented with the words “and happier than I have ever been.” I truly think that this was his way of making a statement since he was not invited, he has been “in a relationship” with this other person since 2009, but chose THAT night to change his posting, his own son’s wedding day. Goes to show everyone what a selfish, heartless person he has now become!

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