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I found myself alone, confused, and distraught, at 2 a.m in. front of a computer searching desperately for something that would relieve the gut wrenching pain. My 31-year marriage dissolved in one evening, discarded like trash. I found Let Me Reach and Kim’s healing comforts in one of these moments. This period in my life was the most difficult and darkest. It brings me to tears each time I reflect on that night when I found her. She gave me hope where there was none. She helped me see there was life, beautiful abundant life after no contact.  I couldn’t ever thank her enough for realizing there are so many of us in the world and to dedicate her life’s work to guiding and loving us. She led me to the beautiful light of my blessed life. 

Karen Lynn

I found Kim’s site through a Google search and I truly believe I was led here by a higher power. Her site is full of raw, applicable insight that I haven’t been able to find elsewhere. I finally took the plunge and went No Contact with her help. All areas of my life have improved since I’m no longer with my abusive wife, and Kim has turned me onto several healing strategies that have greatly improved my self-esteem and sense of peace. Thank you.

Brad B.– Entrepreneur